Psychoterapia indywidualna Inspiro

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a meeting of two people – the one with a desire for personal development and an accompanying specialist.
At a beginning of a psychotherapy, one has very specific reasons, as well as unique needs and expectations. The job of the specialists is to provide an adequate knowledge, experience and skills for various, specific needs of a person that came to a therapy. The work of those two people – two sides of a dialog – may bring out the necessary change and development.

How does it look in practice?

The first meeting is often a brief consultation. A psychotherapist is focused on gathering significant problems of his/her klient and afterwards, he/she proposes some of possible ways to deal with them. Usually, during the first or second meeting, both – a psychotherapist and a client – sign a contract, which is an agreement on basic topics of psychotherapeutic process, safety issues, professional secret, specialist qualifications and organizational matters.

Further work is usually mixed and differentiated. First of all there is time for basics - facts and significant stories told from the client’s perspective. Later on, comes the time to go deeper in order to understand rules and mechanisms behind all experienced life situations and eventually enable to live truly and authentically with ones processes and desires.

Most common issues in psychology:

  • depressed mood issues and depression, Lack of general satisfaction
  • difficult emotional states: despondence, long lasting sadness, a feeling of nonsense, powerlessness, inexplicable shame and shyness, embarrassment, tension
  • tendency to be aggressive, angry and impulsive, excessive tendency of joining conflicts or avoiding them at any cost
  • interpersonal difficulties and thus lack of contact with other people, pulling back from others, isolation and building excessive distance 
  • excessive need for a company, being symbiotic, lack of personal autonomy
  • fulfilling the expectation of others with a tendency to forget about oneself; excessive responsibility
  • lack of self confidence, low self-esteem
  • communication difficulties and loneliness 
  • feeling blocked and general lack of energy 
  • difficulties with boundaries, lack of firmness and consistency 
  • addictions
  • eating and sleeping disorders 
  • general health issues – especially those medically unexplained 
  • excessive self criticism
  • burnout, stress, lack of any joyful moments in life
  • general life crisis
  • traumas, difficult and harmful experiences, consequences of random events


This list may be incomplete. Surely there may be more issues and problems in which psychological help is needed and relevant. We invite for a consulting meeting everyone, who feels that their life is not as they want it to be.

There is a possibility to work with two therapists, for a better and deeper connection – through symbolic relation of man and woman, mother and father etc. – and experience this relations in a wider perspective.